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Hiking Enderby Cliffs

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Enderby Cliffs, hiking, view points, outdoors, mountains, view, spring, cliffs
View of Enderby Cliffs

Quick Glance

Time: 3-5 hrs

Distance: 12.6km return

Trail: There and back

Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring: water, snacks, sun protection, and hiking sticks (optional)

Road conditions: accessible by car

Other information: There's a parking lot with bathrooms at the start of the trail. During the summer, it may get a bit humid going up, make sure to bring enough water.

Of all the views in the Okanagan, this is the one! You overlook Enderby, the Shuswap River, and the Okanagan Valley. This should be on your to-do list for hikes.

Enderby Cliffs, hiking, view points, outdoors, mountains, view, spring, cliffs

Park your car in the Enderby Cliffs Provincial Day-use Area on Brash Allen Rd. Plug it into Google Maps or as you enter Enderby, follow Enderby Mable Lake Rd till you hit Brash Allen Rd. There's plenty of room to park along with pit toilets and an information board. As you exit the parking lot, take a left on Brash Allen Rd and you will see the start of the trailhead. The entire trail is well marked; it is a well-used trail and there are orange diamond markers scattered along the trees.

Enderby Cliffs, hiking, view points, outdoors, mountains, view, spring, cliffs, parking lot

Enderby Cliffs Provincial Day-use Area parking lot

You will walk along a farmer's fence for the first 400m or so until you start making your ascent in the trees. Surprisingly it was quite humid in the trees, even in the shade. If you are hiking this in the summer, bring enough water. It is switchbacked the entire way up, where you will reach an elevation gain of around 660m.

Start of the hike

Switchbacks through the trees

There are 2 viewpoints before you reach the summit at the 2km and 3 km mark. Each one is just as stunning but the summit offers the best one with the cliffs. If you aren't able to make it to the top for any reason, you can still get in that stellar view.

Viewpoint from the 2km and 3 km mark

When you reach the top, have a picnic and enjoy the view!

I found the entire trail enjoyable. You will pass through thick green bushes at the beginning to scattered trees near the top, and you never know what little creatures will be waiting. If this isn't on your Okanagan Hikes Bucketlist, it should be!

**Disclaimer: Hiking is at your own risk. Please read up on the trail conditions, weather, and hiking essentials.**

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