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Fall Hiking Guide: Twin Lakes in the Okanagan

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Exploring Twin Lakes in the Monashee Mountains during Autumn

Girl standing in front of a lake covered in snow during a fall hike to Twin Lakes in the Okanagan
Hiking Twin Lakes in the fall

Hiking Twin Lakes in the fall might get you two seasons into one hike! Located in the Monashee Mountains in the Okanagan, British Columbia, this trail offers stunning views of the mountains along with two lakes.


Quick Glance: Fall Hiking Twin Lakes

Fall hike with snow to Twin Lakes in the Monashee Mountains, BC
Hiking to Twin Lakes, BC

Time: 3-6 hrs

Distance: 8.9km return

Trail: There and back

Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring: water, snacks, winter/waterproof hiking clothes, microspikes, and hiking poles.

Road conditions: Logging road for 24km. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended but you can make it in your car until about the last 400m where you might have to park and walk to the trailhead.

Other information: It is on an active logging road and caution is needed. The Internet comes and goes.

Getting to Twin Lakes, British Columbia

Take HWY 6 from Vernon, BC (+/- 2hrs) towards Cherryville, BC, and turn onto North Fork Road which will take you to the parking lot. As you're traveling on N Fork Rd, turn left when the pavement turns to gravel (look for the yellow 'pavement ends' road sign). Around the 20km mark, the road starts to get rough and extra caution is needed for the last 2 km otherwise the road isn't too bad. The last 400m before the parking lot has a lot of deep ruts/potholes. High-clearance vehicles will be fine, however, extra care will need to be taken with lower vehicles. You can always park on the side of the road and walk to the trailhead. From the highway to the parking lot, it will take about 45 minutes.

Hiking Twin Lakes trail in the Okanagan in the fall with snow on the ground
View of one of the lakes

Twin Lakes Trailhead

Internet comes and goes, make sure to download a map before you go. Although there are ribbon markers in the trees, hiking the Twin Lakes in the fall can mean fresh snow which makes it a bit tricky to find the trail. Luckily, there were some hikers before us who marked the path. At the parking lot, there is a picnic table otherwise, start your hike at the trailhead sign.

There are some steep sections and hiking poles and microspikes might be a good option if it has snowed or in general to help you down.

Photo: Top-Parking lot; Bottom-start of the trailhead

Girl walking through snow in the mountains on a fall hike to Twin Lakes in the Okanagan
Trail to Twin Lakes, BC

i. Twin Lakes

Girl standing on snow covered path to Twin Lakes
Trail towards Twin Lakes

Reaching the lakes is a bit of a steep descent but a gorgeous view of the first lake along with the mountain tops. Keep following the trail to the second lake and take a quick break to enjoy your lunch as well as the view!

A frozen lake at Twin Lakes during fall in the Monashee  Mountains
Reaching Twin Lakes, BC

Camping is an option at Twin Lakes but there are no facilities. If camping in the fall, be aware that there is always a possibility of snow and be prepared accordingly. To return to the parking lot, take the same trail back.

Hiking in the alpine during fall does have a higher chance of snow happening. Please be prepared for winter hiking and always check the weather before you go. If you're looking for more tips on hiking in different weather, check out the Top 10 Tips for Hiking in Cooler Weather or the Top 10 Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather the next time you explore.

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Okanagan Fall Hiking Guide for Twin Lakes, BC

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