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National Parks in Chile with Public Transport.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Using Public Transport to Explore National Parks in Chile

Here is the list of National Parks in Chile with Public Transport. As an avid hiker and somebody who wants to explore all the areas, I’m limited to what I can see based on how I can get there. Chile has an excellent public transport system between places but not always to National Parks. To save you time, I’ve created a list of National Parks that are accessible by public transport.

**Bus schedules will depend on the season. There will be more buses during the summer and fewer during the off-season. Always check with the bus driver for bus times.**

Public Transport to National Parks

1. Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales/Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

Cost: $3000

Bus Terminal: corner of San Bernardo and Walker Martínez.

Trail: Mirador Cerro La Picada at Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

This bus goes from Puerto Varas all the way to Petrohué. You can also get off at Saltos del Rio Petrohué or continue on to Petrohué for the hiking trails, accommodation, and outdoor activities in addition to a ferry to Argentina. Bus leaves daily from the corner of San Bernardo and Walker Martínez. It takes about an hour and a half, one-way is $3000, and departs every 20 mins or so. For more details, click here.

Look for the sign 'Petrohue'

2. Parque Nacional Chiloé/Chiloé National Park

Cost: $2300

Bus Terminal: Terminal Rural Castro

*There are multiple entry points to the park. Make sure you know which entrance you want to go to. This one goes to Cucao*

Boardwalks along the many trails at Chiloe National Park

There’s a minibus from Castro going to Cucao. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes and leaves at 7:30 am and every hour after. One-way costs $2300.

Look for the sign that says 'Cucao' on the minibus

3. Parque Nacional Puyehue/Puyehue National Park

Cost: $3000

Bus Terminal: Mercado Municipal

Trail: Mirador El Pionero

You need to go to the Mercado Municipal not Terminal de Buses Osorno for the local minibuses. Luckily, they are only a block apart if you mix them up. You’ll know you’re at the wrong one if big/overnight buses show up. This bus only goes to one section of the park, look for the sign ‘Aguas Calientes’. Enjoy the hiking trails or you can walk along the river and enjoy the man-made thermals. Bus schedule varies depending on the season and times are limited during the off-season. Make sure to ask the driver when the last bus is.

Tip: at the same bus station, take the bus to Entre Lagos if you want to see La Isla Salto De La Olla (it’s a 2 km walk there and $3000 to enter)

Look for the sign 'Aguas Calientes'

Wondering how to find hiking trails in your area? Click here.

4. Parque Nacional Huerquehue /Huerquehue National Park

Cost: $2800

Bus Terminal: Buses Caburgua Station

Trail: Huerquehue National Park Main Trail

Take the minibus from Buses Caburgua station (all the bus stations are within the same block) to Huerquehue National Park. Unfortunately, they have a reduced schedule and only 2 buses a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Get there early as the bus can fill up quickly. It will take about an hour to get to the park.

NOTE: You need to reserve a ticket online at to enter. Internet may be limited and it is advised to do it before you go. They also have restrictions on entrances depending on the season (in winter, you need to enter before 2 pm).

Time schedule for Huerquehue National Park

Bus schedule for Huerquehue National Park

There are plenty of National Parks to explore using public transport in Chile that allow you to enjoy all your outdoor adventures.

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