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How to get to Saltos del Rio Petrohué: Using Public Transport

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Getting to Petrohué Waterfall from Puerto Varas, Chile

How to get to Saltos del Rio Petrohu using public transport-overlooking 2 waterfalls
View of Saltos del Rio Petrohue using public transport

Getting to Saltos del Rio Petrohué (Petrohué Waterfall) is easy when using public transport from Puerto Varas. One of the limitations of backpacking when traveling is the lack of a vehicle. If you’re one of those travelers that relies on public transport, you're in luck! Here is your complete guide on using public transport to Saltos del Rio Petrohué.

Public Transport from Puerto Varas

Cost: $3000/way

Time: 1.5 hours

Frequency: about every 20 minutes (may differ during the off-season)

On the corner of San Bernardo and Walker Martínez, is a minibus station (15-19 passenger vehicle). Every minibus will have signs in the front window stating where they go. Look for the sign that says Petrohué or Lago Todos Los Santos.

Look for the signs on the front of the minibus which will tell you the town it is going to

When you get on, the driver will ask you where you are going and will either make you pay the fare then or when you get off. The fare to enter Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park is $3000 regardless of where you get dropped off (there is also a price list in the minibus for various locations). The bus ride will take about an hour and a half.

Worried about where to get off? Don’t panic. It’s a popular place and most people will probably be getting off there. And once you pull up, you’ll see a big glass building with a lot of vehicles.

Entrance to Saltos del Rio Petrohué building
Entrance to Saltos del Rio Petrohué

To get back to town, just stand on the other side of the road and wait for the minibus to come back. Again, it will be $3000.

The convenience of a Minibus

One of the advantages of a minibus, is there aren’t really scheduled stops. If you want to get off, simply walk to the front and tell the driver. The minibus runs along Highway 225. So if you’re in that area, simply hold out your hand when you see the bus and wave it down. It will stop and pick you up.

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Public Transport to Saltos del Rio Petrohué

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