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Your Guide for Hiking and Traveling Gear

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Gear for both hiking and traveling

On top of Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia using gear for both hiking and traveling
On top of Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia

Looking for multi-purpose gear that can be used for BOTH hiking and traveling? Then you have landed on the right page! Versatile gear is cost-efficient, gets the most bang for your buck and you'll get more use out of it. Whether I'm hiking or traveling, here is a list of interchangeable gear/items I transfer from one bag to another.

Note: there are affiliate links in this post and I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase an item (at no additional cost to you). I only recommend brands I have used and trust.

Gear for both Hiking and Traveling:

Merino Wool Socks

Whether you're trying to keep your feet dry, cool, or warm on hikes or just general walks, these socks will be one of your new best friends. I like them so much, I've started to slowly switch out my cotton socks for them. And depending on the brand (I prefer Icebreaker), some have a lifetime warranty meaning that if your sock ever gets a hole in it, return it to a store that sells it and you get to exchange it for another pair free! They come in different lengths, padding, and activity.

Wool Socks-hiking and traveling gear

Travel Backpack with a Day Bag

This is a bag I use for all my travels. It comes with a detachable day bag that can be used for hiking and other activities if you can't bring your actual hiking bag. I have used the day bag for many hikes and if you really needed to, you could use the actual bag for hikes as it has a hip belt with support. Osprey has always been my go-to as they have a lifetime warranty and I have had to replace a bag with no issues.

Travel backpack-hiking and traveling gear

Rain Cover

Some day bags attached to travel backpacks will not come with a rain cover and you never know when it will rain. Rain covers come in different sizes and will cover all bag types regardless of the bag brand.

Rain cover-hiking and traveling gear

Compression Bag

I keep my sleeping bag in one of these and it reduces it to about half the size plus, it's waterproof so there's never any worry if my bag will accidentally get wet. Compression bags can also be used to compact bulky clothing when traveling and when they aren't in use, they are super thin and will fit flat on the bottom of your bag.

Compression Bags-hiking and traveling gear

Emergency Blanket

Any outdoor activity should be paired with an emergency blanket. And we all know that traveling (especially backpacking), never goes as planned. It is super small and thin and I tuck it into my first aid kit.

Emergency Blanket-hiking and traveling gear

First Aid Kit

Buy one that is waterproof and you never have to worry about getting anything wet. I've had mine for about 8 years, swapping out anything that expires or that I have used up.

First aid-hiking and traveling gear


These are patches that help prevent blisters or protect blisters. For anything that involves a lot of walking, I would highly recommend getting these. You can either buy pre-cut patches (do not need scissors) or a roll and cut the size you want.

moleskins-hiking and traveling gear

Gore-tex Patches

If you get a rip in any waterproof item (bag, tent, pants, gloves, boots, jacket), use these pre-cut strips to cover it. All you need to do is simply apply pressure and that's it.

gortex patechs-hiking and traveling gear


This is a super multip-purpose item. It can be used as a headband, neck gaiter, eye mask, sweat rag, and much more.

buff-hiking and traveling gear

Hiking Shoes

I can't stress the importance of having high-quality shoes when you're hiking or traveling. My go-to brand has always been Salomon. I have very narrow but wide feet and these shoes fit my feet the best.

Hiking Shoes-hiking and traveling gear

Waterproof Case for Electronics

Keep anything of importance in one of these whiles traveling or your electronics while hiking. Unfortunately, I had one for 8 years but misplaced it while moving but SealLine can be thrown in water without having to worry about water seeping in. They come in multiple sizes. I get the biggest one so I can fit everything I need in it.

Waterproof Case-hiking and traveling gear

Waterproof Jacket

Light, durable and waterproof will make it easy to pack in any type of bag and useable in any season.

Waterproof Jacket-hiking and traveling gear

Reusable Water Bottle

Reduce the amount of plastic you use by picking up a reusable water bottle. Not every country has a recycling program and not every trail has a garbage bin. I've had mine for over 3 years and have poured boiling hot water, placed it in the freezer and it has been pulled and shoved into numerous bags and it is still good as new. Get a 1L bottle as it's the perfect size for water tablets and electrolytes.

Water Purification Tablets

If you're going to any place where it is not safe to drink water, pack these tablets with you. Add it to 1L of water and wait about 30 mins before consuming water.

Power Bank

I always carry this wherever I go: hiking, traveling, out for the day, etc. There are different charges for power banks but I always go with 20000mAh. This tends to last me a few days (normal usage) of charging my phone and it's airplane friendly. Get one that has multiple outputs for different types of chargers.

Power Bank-hiking and traveling gear

Sleeping Bag

90% of the time I travel, I bring my sleeping bag with me. I stay in pretty budget/cheap places and tend to pull it out a bit. Besides summer hikes, my sleeping bag pretty much stays in my hiking bag inside a waterproof compression bag.

Girl standing in front of Vietnam's Border
Crossing the border from China to Vietnam

The great thing about a lot of these items, I've had them for years and the warranty will guarantee me a few more years out of them. Please keep in mind a few of these are investments and any purchases made based on the following recommendations should be made with your needs and preferences in mind.

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Gear for both hiking and traveling


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