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Practical Gifts for Travelers

The best gifts for travelers

Girl overlooking Machu Picchu while using gifts for travelers
Enjoying the view at Machu Picchu, Peru

Searching for that perfect gift for your adventure travel buddy or family member? Or maybe you're just going to splurge on yourself. Here's a list of practical travel items every traveler can use, regardless of where they go, separating them into different price ranges to make sure there is something for everyone's budget.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission (for which I am very grateful) at no extra cost to you.

Table of Contents

Big Ticket Items (over $100)

Travel gifts for all Budgets


Under $10


Emergency Blanket-travel gifts

Emergency Blanket

If your friend likes adventure travel or going to random, remote places, give them this to make sure that wherever they are, they will be warm and safe.

Lip Sunscreen--travel gifts

Lip Sunscreen

This is always useful regardless of the conditions outside.

Lip Moisturizing-travel gifts

Moisturizing Lip Chap

One thing you realize when traveling is how dry some places can be. This is an item that can always be used.


Under $20


Moleskins-travel gifts


These are made to prevent blisters and to use if you have blisters. These are precut and can easily be used when traveling.

Cliff Bars-travel gifts

Clif Bars

You might wonder why a traveler would want Clif bars. I always keep a few in my bag as an emergency snack in case I ever get stuck somewhere ((at the airport, on a plane/bus) or thought I would be able to get food in a timely manner (a bus ride that's taken 4 hours longer).

Water Tablets--travel gifts

Water Tablets

Buying bottled water adds up, save some costs by using water tablets. I have used these in a lot of countries and never had issues. These are lightweight, come in a water-resistant package, and only take 30 minutes for 1 L of water to be drinkable.

Travel Containers-travel gifts

Travel Containers

Get ones that are flexible so that when you squeeze them, they do not break under pressure.

Sleep mask-travel gifts

Sleep Masks

These are a requirement when traveling regardless of where you stay. People's ideas of darkness might not be the same as yours.

Tripod-travel gifts


A tripod with flexible legs and a remote will do wonders when you're traveling.

Stasher bag-travel gifts

Stasher Bag

I like to carry a few of these when I travel just in case I need to put something in there (i.e. liquids) or if I do adventure travel (hiking), putting my meals/snacks in these works well.

Gortex Patches-travel gifts

Gore-Tex Patches

These waterproof patches work on most materials if you get a rip in them. Simple peel off the back, place on the fabric, rub and that's all!

Pack it bag-travel gifts

Waterproof Bag-Toiletries

Keep liquids in and out with this bag. It works well as a toiletries bag.

TSA Lock-travel gifts

TSA Approved Lock

You want TSA-approved locks so that way if authorities at the airport need to get into your bag, they do not need to cut the lock. I like purchasing them in pairs so I can have one on my main bag and then one on my small day pack.


Under $30


First Aid-travel gifts

First Aid

You should always carry a basic First aid kit when traveling. Get one that comes in a water-resistant bag.

Buff-travel gifts


This works amazing when traveling. It works as a headband, neck gaiter, sleep mask, sweat rag, and so many other functions when traveling.

Socks-travel gifts

Wool Socks

These aren't just for hiking but also for traveling.


Under $50


Reusable water bottle-travel gifts

Reusable Water Bottle

This reusable, collapsible water bottle is the perfect gift for any traveler (make sure it is 1L for water tablets to work in). When you're done with it, you simply collapse it down to take up less space. It also weighs a lot less than plastic or metal water bottles.

Head Lamp-travel gifts


I like to bring one because I do adventure travel and I sometimes stay in really random and remote places.

Organizer Cube-travel gifts

Organizer Cube

To keep your sanity when traveling, organizer cubes are a must. They work well to organize all your bathroom items, underwear/socks, or clothing

Rain Cover-travel gifts

Rain Cover

If you get a travel backpack with a day bag, the day bag usually will not come with a rain cover. This packs down to a small item that doesn't take up much space.

Battery Pack-travel gifts

Battery Charger

Again, another multi-use item that can be used in everyday life. This one can last a few days while charging your phone, has multiple port adaptors and comes with a built-in flashlight.

Waterproof Case-travel gifts

Waterproof Case

This is great to carry any electronics in it or important items to protect your stuff from getting wet.

Compression bag-travel gifts

Waterproof Compression Bag

These waterproof compression bags work well with bulky items (sleeping bags, extra hiking gear) to prevent them from getting wet and save space.

Travel adaptor-travel gifts


Get an all-in-one adapter that way you never have to worry about bringing the wrong one.

Clothes Organizer-travel gifts

Clothes Organizer-Large

Depending on your bag size, store all your clothes in this.

Clothes organizer-travel gifts

Clothes Organizer-Medium

If you have a smaller bag, this also works well for keeping your clothes in it.

Travel Towel- travel gifts

Travel Towel

These are light, quick drying, and can be used when showering, water activities, or any other thing you need them for.


Under $100


Jacket -travel gifts

Rain Jacket

This waterproof fain jacket is light to wear, light to carry, and can pack down quite small and is perfect for traveling.

Airporter-travel gifts

Airporter Bag

If you're traveling with a backpack, this will help protect it at airports. It also works well to protect it from other weather and factors.

Sandals-travel gifts


Good quality footwear goes a long way when traveling. Get your friend some proper sandals that will last.


Big Ticket Items (over $100)


Tiley Hat-travel gifts

Tiley Hat

Protect your whole head area with a Tiley Hat in warmer weather.

Travel Backpack-travel gifts


This will be one of the most expensive items for traveling but worth the money. Look for one that has a day bag you can attach and is big enough to fit everything you need in it.

Down Jacket- travel gifts

Optional: Down Jacket (weather dependent)

This is one of my favorite items I have purchased. This adds a ton of extra warmth without the bulk! And it is very easy to layer with other layers. This is optional depending on what season and where they are traveling to.

If you are still not sure what to get that traveling friend or family member, gift cards are always a second favorite!

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