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Rim Rocks Hiking Trail-Exploring the Rocks

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Rim Rocks, hiking, Vernon, outdoors, exploring
Walking through Rim Rocks

Quick Glance

Time: 2-4 hrs Distance: 5.1 km (if following the trail, longer/shorter if exploring the rocks) Trail: Loop

Difficulty: Moderate What to bring: water, snacks, sun protection, and hiking sticks (optional) Road conditions: Accessible by car but it's quite a washboard in the summer. Other information: Climbing through the rocks can be quite challenging and dangerous, please be prepared. If you want your heart to jump a beat, Rim Rocks Hiking Trail is it! I did this hike in the spring with snow still on the ground and heard you could climb down into the rocks. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the trailhead down and it would have been a bit dangerous so we decided to come back in the summer.


Head east towards Lavington on HWY BC-6, turning right on King Edward Forest Service Road for about 5.5km. Alternatively, type in 'Rim Rocks Trail' into Google Maps. Park your car on the side of the road to start the trail.

Hiking Trail

There has been a bit of logging at the start of the trail before you finally end up walking through some trees. You'll pass a cattle guard with an old abandoned car on the righthand side.

Rim Rocks, hiking, Vernon, outdoors, exploring
Old abandoned car on the trail

Just a little bit past the old car, the trail will veer off into 2 trails. Continue left where you will come across a viewpoint that overlooks the valley. Just after this, you will descend down into the rocks. If that's not your thing, keep following the trail to finish the hike with will also lead you back to the road and to your car.

Rim Rocks, hiking, Vernon, outdoors, exploring

There are 2 descends you will need to climb down before venturing into the rocks. As you approach the first descent, a blue rope/leash is tied to a log, in addition to the trees, to help you down. Be careful when going down as the dirt is loose and it is steep.

Rim Rocks, hiking, Vernon, outdoors, exploring
First descend

The second descend is right after, however, it is much harder as there's limited footing, loose dirt and it goes straight down. There is a rope for assistance but please take your time.

Once down, you have the freedom to roam around the rocks as you like. To get back to the trail, you can either go back the way you came or try and make your own way back to the road (be respectful of private property signs).

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