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Top 5 Spring Hikes in the Okanagan, British Columbia

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Looking for some spring hikes in the Okanagan? It's time to dust off those hiking boots because spring is here! The benefits of living in the Okanagan means a milder winter and spring saying hello a bit early than most places. If you, as well as your gear, went into hibernation for the winter, now is the perfect time to step out into the sunshine. Add these spring hikes to your list for views, trestles, and lakes.

5 spring hikes in the Okanagan with 2 people walking on the trail enjoying the sunshine
Enjoying the trails during the spring

Spring Hikes in the Okanagan

My top 5 spring hikes in the Okanagan

1. Myra Canyon Trestles

Time: 6 hrs | Distance: 24km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: If you're wanting a shorter distance but still want to see a few trestles and tunnels, start at Myra Canyon Parking Lot; on-site bike rentals start later in the spring

Early spring hikes with a wooden trestle at Myra Canyon
Walk along one of the 18 trestles at Myra Canyon

I will start off by saying that you do not have to do all 24km to get the most out of this hike. If you want to see about 7 trestles and 2 tunnels, you'll have to hike to KM 3 (6km return). I absolutely love this hike because regardless of the time of year, it is always stunning and I think the best part about this trail is it is completely accessible to everyone! My parents visited in the summer and there were zero issues with my mom using a walker.

2. Enderby Cliffs, Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park

Time: 3-5 hrs | Distance: 12.6km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: Large parking lot with an outhouse, accessible by car

Spring time views over looking a valley
Enjoying the spring views at the top of Enderby Cliffs

You can hike Enderby Cliffs all year round but spring is one of the best times to do it. You get lush green trees, a spectacular view at the top and the humidity in the trees isn't too bad yet. It's a well-marked trail and tends to be busy on the weekend. Do exercise caution at the top when going near the cliff edge. For a more in-depth description, read Hiking Enderby Cliffs.

3. Rose Valley Lake Loop, Rose Valley Regional Park

Time: 4-5 hrs | Distance: ~14km return | Trail: Loop | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: At the end of Rosewood Dr, there's a small culdesac to park in or a parking lot at the intersection of Rosewood Dr and Rosealeen Ln; accessible by car

Girl standing in front of a frozen lake during spring
Rose Valley Lake Loop in West Kelowna, BC

There are many trail options at Rose Valley but walking around the lake is one of my favourites. The hike starts off quite easy before it turns into switchbacks overlooking Rose Valley Lake and eventually leading down to the lake. The trail doesn't fully go around the entire lake but instead leads you to a viewpoint overlooking West Kelowna and Kelowna.

4. Spion Kop Summit Trail

Time: 3-4 hrs | Distance: 8.2km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Difficult

Other information: There are a few spots to park but this one starts at the parking lot at the end of Old Mission Rd (take Raptor Loop to connect to Summit Trail), accessible by car

Over looking a valley in the Okanagan with bits of snow still left
Viewpoint on top of Spion Kop

Multiple starting points, interconnecting trails, gnomes, handpainted wooden signs, and a viewpoint overlooking two lakes is sure to be a favourite for some of you. One thing to remember is the viewpoint is behind the tower as well as a picnic table.

5. McDougall Rim Trail

Time: 3-4 hrs | Distance: 10 km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: The parking lot isn't quite a defined parking lot, it looks a bit more like a random area to camp in, accessible by car.

Girl in red jacket overlooking Okanagan Lake and West Kelowna
Viewpoint overlooking Okanagan Lake and West Kelowna

If you're looking for a hike that lets you see a large portion of Okanagan Lake, this is it. You will get viewpoints overlooking West Kelowna and beyond as well as Kelowna and further north. And you get an entire view of Rose Valley Lake. The trailhead may be a little tricky to find and that's where having the map comes in handy, especially where to park.

QuickTips about Spring Hiking

If you're new to spring hiking, here are a few tips to help you prepare. For a longer list of tips, check out 10 Tips for Hiking in the Spring.

  • Layers: it may be getting warmer, but the higher you ascend, the colder it gets. Carry a few with you along with a toque, neck gaiter, and mitts.

  • Microspikes: there will still be sections that will be still be covered in ice/snow. Microspikes have tiny teeth that help you walk on the ice

  • Headlamp: longer days are coming but we aren't quite there. Carry a light source with you.

  • Roads: unfortunately, lots of hikes start on backroads/gravel/forest service roads that may still be covered in ice. Drive with caution.

  • Waterproof shell: always carry a waterproof jacket with you as you never know when those spring showers will happen.

Get your hiking gear ready as these 5 Spring Hikes in the Okanagan are waiting for you to discover.

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