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Spring Hikes in Vernon, BC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Hikes in the Okanagan during the spring

A girl enjoying spring hikes in Vernon walking across a wooden bridge
Enjoying one of the many spring hikes in Vernon, BC

Looking for some spring hikes in Vernon? That sunshine, those long days, that weather, and the list could go on and on but let's get to why you are here in the first place-spring hikes in Vernon. Vernon has a huge advantage when it comes to hiking/walking trails with its abundance of them located within the city. Here are a few of my favourite springtime hikes.

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Spring Hikes in Vernon, BC

My top 5 spring hikes in Vernon

1. BX Creek Trail

Time: 1.5-2 hrs | Distance: 6.8km | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: There are 2 parking lots to start at. Tillicum Rd is the closest one to the waterfall.

Girl walking along a creek for spring hikes in Vernon
BX Creek Trail-one of the many spring hikes in Vernon

This hike can either be done quickly or if you're like me, it took twice as long because I took way too many pictures! BX Creek runs through the entire trail, with BX Falls only 300m in at the beginning if you start at Tillicum Road. Note: there are stairs for some portions of this hike (closer to Tillicum Rd parking lot). If you want to get to the bottom of the falls, you will have to use them.

2. Middleton Mountain

Time: 1.5-3 hrs | Distance: 3.8-8km return | Trail: Loop/There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: There are multiple parking lots to start at.

Girl standing at viewpoint in front of Kalamalka Lake in Vernon
Viewpoint from Middleton Mountain

Looking for an easy instagramable spot? This would be it! You can either get up there quickly for the photo or make it a bit longer/more challenging hike by starting at different points. This is a very open hike with little shade but a few benches to rest at.


3. Grey Canal: Bella Visa

Time: 1.5-2 hrs | Distance: 6.9km | Trail: There and Back| Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: make sure to find all the hidden little benches to sit at and admire the view

Yellow wildflowers on the Bella Vista Trail in Vernon, BC
Spring flowers on the Bella Vista Trail

This is a pretty flat hike that's perfect for all ages and levels. Enjoy one of the many benches/chairs scattered throughout this trail, overlooking the backyards of homes, vineyards, orchards, and of course Vernon. There are 3 parking areas: Vineyard Way (take the little trail down to start), Pinto Place, and Sierra Road.

4. Cosens Beach Trail, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

Time: 2-4 hrs | Distance: 6.9km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: you can only access the beach by walking to it but there are picnic tables and outhouses.

Hiking trail overlooking Kalamalka Lake
View of Cosens Bay in Kalamalka Provincial Park

Who doesn't love chillin' on the beach once the weather warms up? If the water is still a little too cold for you, enjoy your lunch on one of the picnic tables. Park at Kalamalka Provincial Park Cosens Bay Parking Lot and take one of the trails down to the beach. If you can find it, stop and check out the waterfall!


5. Okanagan Rail Trail

Time: 2-4 hrs | Distance: 10 km return | Trail: There and back | Difficulty: Moderate

Other information: This trail goes all the way to Kelowna (~51km) but I would highly recommend walking to at least the 5 km mark to see the views. There is a bathroom at the beginning of the trail.

Girl riding a bike on a road beside Kalamalka Lake on the Okanagan Rail Trail
Biking the Okanagan Rail Trail on a spring day

Walk, bike, or run, this is a super flat, easy trail that is easily accessible for everyone (strollers, walkers, wheelchairs) with spectacular views of Kalamalka Lake. Depending on how long you want to be out and how many steps you want to get in, you can adjust it to your level.


There are many hikes you can do in Vernon during spring. Check out my Canada Hikes page for more hikes in the Vernon/Okanagan and for British Columbia or click on the 'You might also like' suggestions.

Girl standing on a log on the BX Creek Trail in Vernon.
Enjoying the scenery on the BX Creek Trail

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