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Top 8 After-work Hikes around Vernon, B.C

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

With the sun staying out a bit longer each day, it's the perfect time to get on a few nature walks.

Grey Canal Trails

There are a few of them dotted around Vernon that offer easy, quick hikes with views.

1. Grey Canal-Turtle Mountain

Distance: 3.5km one way

A quick jaunt on this hike leads you with views all over Vernon and the views continue the entire way. This hike will take you past a boardwalk, huge lava rocks, sweeping grass meadows littered with cows, and a few benches to enjoy the view closer to the Blue Jay Road.

There are 2 parking lots at Turtle Mountain Boulevard and a parking lot at Blue Jay Road.

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2. Rocky Ridge Park

Distance: ~1km roundtrip

If you're already doing the Grey Canal-Turtle Mountain, walk across the street and follow the trail to Rocky Ridge Park. A short little jaunt offers 360° views of Okanagan Landing, Coldstream, Vernon, and Swan Lake. Note: there are some stairs to climb and steep cliffs all around.

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3. Grey Canal-Bella Vista

Distance: 6.9km one way

This is a short, flat, scenic hike that is perfect for all ages and levels. Enjoy one of the many benches/chairs scattered throughout this trail, overlooking the backyards of homes, vineyards, orchards, and of course Vernon.

There are a few places to park: at the end of Vineyard Way, take the little trail down to start; Pinto Place, drive to the end and park or if you want to start at the other end, Sierra Road.

Grey Canal, Bella Vista, Vernon, outdoors, easy hikes, hikes, nature, scenery

4. Grey Canal-East

Distance: 11.1 km roundtrip

A fairly flat trail that becomes narrower, the further you go towards Swan Lake. With views over Vernon and Swan Lake, you get a little treat by hiking along the historical Grey Canal irrigation system. Interpretive signs are dotted along the way, providing more detail about the irrigation system. This hike starts either at the Blackcomb Way parking lot to the Baker Hogg Rd Parking lot or vice versa.

If you want a smaller but still scenic hike, park at Blackcomb Way and do the loop trail which is 2.3km.

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Predator Ridge

About a 20-minute drive from Vernon offers some simple trails with beautiful scenery.

5. Okanagan Lake Lookout Trail

Distance: 3.2km one way

Even though Predator Ridge is right there, you barely see it on this hike. There are viewpoints for Okanagan Lake and Predator Ridge, along with a picnic table to take it all in. This path is also shared with bikers.

There's a parking parking lot on Birdie Lake drive, on the left hand side just before the roundabout to Sparkling Hill.

Predator Ridge, Okanagan Lake Loop Lookout, scenery, easy hikes, nature, outdoors, lake

6. Swan Lake Nature Reserve

Distance: 1.9km return

A super easy flat, wide loop with 360 views. This hike can be used for all ages and levels. Make sure to stop at the viewing platform as you pass by.

There is a parking lot at the end of a gravel road, off of Old Kamloops Rd, turning at Stawn's Honey (you will go through their parking lot).

British columbia, hiking, hike,  outdoors, after-work hikes, Vernon, Swan Lake Nature Reserve

7. Middleton Mountain Trial, Coldstream

Distance: 1.6 - 7.7km return

If you ever wonder where postcards get their inspiration from, this is it. An unbelievably easy hike leads you to some fantastic views! There are many starting points and parking lots depending on the amount of km you want to walk. This is a very open hike with little shade.

Parking lots include Kalamalka Beach parking lot (longer hike) and Mt. Ida Drive (shorter hike).

8. BX Trail, Vernon

Distance: 6.8km roundtrip

This hike took twice as long as it should have because I took so many pictures of everything. It was absolutely beautiful! BX Creek runs through the entire trail, with BX Falls only 300m in at the beginning. Note: there are stairs for some portions of this hike. Unfortunately you do need to use them to view the falls.

Need some Instagram worth photos, this is your spot!

Parking lots are at Tillicum Road (for easy access to the falls) or Star Road.

British columbia, hiking, hike,  outdoors, after-work hikes, Vernon, BX Creek Trail


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